7 Point Service Plan

Each portable toilet service involves the following steps:

  1. Portable toilet is placed in your desired location on a flat, level surface
  2. Walls, toilet seat, floor, urinal, hand sanitizer station, and toilet paper rack are cleaned with disinfectant and eco-friendly deodorizer
  3. The holding tank is flushed with fresh water, eco-friendly deodorizer and bacterial disinfectants
  4. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is restocked
  5. Two rolls of 2-ply toilet paper is stocked in the dispensers
  6. If requested, a chain is secured around the base of the toilet
  7. On the agreed upon pick up date, we will arrive, clean out the unit and take it away, without leaving any trace that it had been there

Just one more way we help you say “Goodbye to gross!”

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